There are a few numbers that make Dana Hills 2020 graduate Chase Walter a highly sought prospect.

Off of the diamond, Walter boast a GPA north of 4.5. Whether you’re Irvine, Northwestern, Columbia, or any university in-between, Walter will have the marks to meet academic requirements.

On the diamond, a few more numbers show Walter has the ability to meet the athletic requirements of a collegiate baseball player. He’s a 6.6-runner with the ability to work into the upper 80s on the mound from multiple arm angles.

But it may be what isn’t quantifiable that’s Walter’s best trait: he’s a gamer that has a habit of winning.

In what ultimately served as the final game of the weekend, all-day rain throughout Phoenix washed away the title game, Walter pitched four innings of no-hit baseball in BPA’s semi-final showdown against CCB at the Wilson Premier Classic. Without issuing a walk, Walter, who stands 6’4 and weighs 170 pounds —a projectable body, kept CCB off of the scoreboard as BPA defeated CCB, 5-0. Able to pitch from three-quarters as well as dropping sidearm, and able to possess command from both release points, Walter worked over the summer in the 84-87 MPH range, complimented by a 75-76 curveball and low 70s change up.

Now, with the attention of the scouting world turning to Jupiter, Fla., and Perfect Game’s World Wood Bat Association World Championship, Walter shares where his recruitment is, what he’s looking for in a college and what’s still to come, as he prepares to make a final pitch to college coaches around the country.

You turned heads and caught the attention of a lot of college coaches this summer. Looking back, how do you feel about your summer growth, exposure and maximizing the opportunities you had?

Looking back, this last summer has been filled with tons of competitive games and fun memories. In some of the bigger tournaments we competed in, there were a lot of pro and college level scouts in attendance. I always pitch with max effort every outing, and sometimes my stuff is on sometimes it isn’t. Overall I felt like I showed colleges I can play at the next level.

Now, as the fall season is set to get into full swing, have you established a timeline on when you would like to see your recruitment wrap up.

I feel like I am ready to commit to the right school and offer, right now.

Are there any of factors you are prioritizing in your college search?

Yes, of course. I hope to find a school in a bigger city as well as a place that has plus academics, on top of still being able to play baseball.

On the field, are there areas that you are currently focusing on or want to focus this fall?

Overall, mainly focusing on velocity. We have been working with Jared every Monday and Wednesday night with tap and Driveline workouts.

In what aspect do you feel BPA has help you the most in having you in position to allow baseball facilitate higher education opportunities?

BPA has helped me tremendously not only as a player but a person. I have been playing for Jared Sandler since I was nine years old and he has definitely taught me all I know about the game. He has also made me a more competitive person in general which has helped my grades and my social interactions.

What advice would you give an underclassmen who may be just starting the recruiting process?

Start to make connections with coaches and people in the industry. While they may not be looking to offer you right now, if they see people they have met coming back ever year they will start to take note on your athletic abilities.

Last, if you had to pitch yourself to your dream program, what five things would you want a college coach to know about you?

1. You would not have to worry about my grades 

2. I am flexible and can pitch back to back to back days if needed.

3. I will always compete on the mound.

4. I barely ever walk people.

5.  I am willing to put in the work in the gym, the field, and the classroom to be the best of my abilities.