The Atlantic coast-lean of recent BPA commitments continue with a dip into the class of 2022. Mater Dei left-handed Oliver Santos is trading in the Newport coast for Tobacco Road with this his commitment to Duke University. Take a look at what the rising junior said of finding his next-level Blue Devil family.

In five words, describe what it feels like to say Oliver Santos, Duke-commit.

Trust the process, Blue-Devil

Now, in more than five words, describe the moment or thoughts behind determining Duke was the right fit for you.

Many talks with Coach Jordan, going out to a camp, and having a good feeling about the way Duke Baseball is run, talking to Coach Jared about if Duke was the right fit, and seeing myself walking on Duke’s campus all led to my decision that Duke is the right fit for me.

Do you recall the first time Coach Pollard and staff saw you play and indicated their interest?

The pitching coach for Duke, Coach Blake, watched me pitch in Georgia in a Perfect Game tournament. Later, in the fall, the recruiting coordinator, Coach Jordan, watched me hit and pitch in two tournaments in Arizona. After that, they talked to Coach Jared to have me call them and indicated their interest.

You’re set to sign with a program that is all the way across the country, on the Atlantic Coast. What aspect did location play an in your college search?

Many kids from California are hesitant in playing college baseball on the East Coast, however I have always been open to playing college baseball anywhere as long as it is the right fit.

How has playing with BPA, and the coast-to-coast travel the program takes on, helped in providing a sense of comfort in being as far away from home as you will be?

Being able to see many parts of the East Coast that I would not have been able to see if it were not for BPA has made my decision even easier.

With uncertainty abound with the COVID-19 pandemic, how are you ensuring you’re still meeting your academic and athletic requirements?

Despite COVID-10, I have remained training hard and have continued taking my academics very seriously.

Heading into your upperclassmen years, what aspect of your game do you want to improve in to hit the Atlantic Coast Conference running?

I want to master my change-up heading into the ACC as this will hopefully allow me to get a starting spot on the team as a freshman.

Looking back, did the recruiting process go as expected or were there instances of surprises?

Looking back, I think I was surprised as I went from not talking to anyone to talking to many schools in the matter of a month.

What advice would you give a teammate getting ready to go through the recruiting process?

No matter what, always continue working hard in the classroom, in the weight room, and on the field. Also, stay positive through the process as it is a long process with the athlete and the school before they give you an offer.

If you had 15 seconds to sell me on Duke on, what are you telling me?

Duke not only has a great program, but great academics. The baseball coaching staff is unbelievable and the campus is unreal.