Regardless of what happens afterwards, nobody can ever take away one’s claim to being the first. For class of 2020 right-handed pitcher Nic Gregson, he’s set to be a part of a first in a big way.

Recently committed to the University of California-San Diego, Gregson is set to join a baseball program making the jump from Division II to Division I. UCSD’s venture into the highest level of collegiate competition, by way of the Big West conference, coincides with Gregson’s arrival on campus. NorCal native won’t be alone in trying to traverse the waters of DI baseball, all teammates regardless of class will be doing the same, but by the time Gregson leaves UCSD, he wants to make sure the Tritons are a perennially contender and his mark has been made.

Here’s more from Gregson on his commitment to UCSD.

In five words, describe what it feels like to say Nic Gregson, UC San Diego-commit.

Best feeling in the world.

Now, in more than five words, describe the moment or thoughts behind ultimately deciding UCSD was the right fit for you.

I knew it was the right fit after I left campus, even before I had received the offer. It was everything I needed to challenge myself through academics, the renowned coaching staff and baseball program has spoken for itself, and who wouldn’t want to live next to the beach.

You’re set to signing with a program that will is moving up from Division II next July. What role did being a freshman on UCSD’s first DI team play in your decision?

It was a major factor in my decision. To become a part of such a prestigious institution whilst joining them in their first year legacy joining the Big West as a Division 1 school, was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

As UCSD joins the Big West, what does it mean to you to play in that conference, alongside the likes of Irvine, Fullerton, Long Beach?

It’s an honor to be apart of the Big West and play against good competition, however my opponents in that conference will only make me work harder. In order to play with the best, you need to be the best.

With the commitment set, where is your focus now, heading into the fall season?

I’m mainly sorting my efforts into school work, staying healthy and training to compete at the next level in the most efficient way possible.

Is there an aspect of your game you feel you need to take a step forward before arriving in San Diego next year?

Definitely seeing that I’m a smaller guy compared to others at that level, I know that what sets me apart is my mentality. So the physical aspects, such as size and weight are something I will most definitely be improving to fit in more.

What advice would you give a teammate getting ready to go through the recruiting process?

Get as much exposure as possible, because the best way to find the best fit is to try on as many shoes as possible. I’d also make sure they know what they want to do outside of baseball and implement that into their mindset when making decisions.

If you had 15 seconds to sell someone on UCSD, what are you telling them?

It’s one of the most prestigious institutions in the UC system, surrounded by beautiful coastline, in a city with endless opportunities.  Not to mention the immaculate weather and mutual mindset on the baseball field between everyone, to win as many games as possible.