To the farm he goes. One of the country’s top class of 2023 prospects, BPA 2023 catcher Luke Lavin committed to his dream school over the summer, Stanford University. As the second sophomore in the organization to commit, Lavin, a product of Santa Margarita Catholic, breaks down his recruiting process, giving insight into why the Cardinal were the right fit for him, how being a part of BPA helped him achieve a life-long dream and what’s still to come for him in the Black and Gold, continuing to work to get better before landing in the land of Pac-12 baseball.

In Five words, describe what it feels like to say Luke Lavin, Stanford-commit?

A dream to a reality.

Now, in more than five words, describe the moment or thoughts behind determining Stanford was the right fit for you.

From a young age Stanford was always a dream school for me. I think the biggest thing for me was the balance they have between academic and athletic excellence. I wanted to go to a place that would allow me to strive in the classroom just as much as on the baseball field. With its location in Palo Alto, combined with the overall aspirations of everyone who goes there, it became evidently clear to me that I would find a home at Stanford.

Do you recall the first time Coach Esquer and staff indicated their interest in you?

The first time they indicated their interest with me was in Georgia during WWBA. I remember talking on the phone with coach Tom the night before playoffs were about to start, and that definitely gave me more motivation for the games that followed.

Looking back on your recruitment, what do you think ultimately sold the Cardinal on you being a good fit for the program?

The thing that sold the program most for me was the culture of people and players that the produce there. I remember talking on the phone and what was described to me was that at Stanford they were a family. Everyone that has played there has immense pride in the program that they were a part of. To me, that was the biggest thing, their pride that the players have being able to call themselves a Stanford Cardinal/Tree.

What can you point to where you know BPA helped your recruiting processes?

BPA teams are always made up of kids with the drive to play at the next level. Playing with so much talent brings you looks from scouts that did not even come to see you. I know that coach Jared did a great job advocating for me and helping get my name out there. He is probably the most valuable part of BPA other than the overall program. Nobody helps you get more exposure than him. I have never met someone who invests more time in helping players achieve their goals of playing at the next level.

What do you think you learned about yourself as you evaluated schools and programs?

I learned stuff about myself that I had never knew before. Navigating this process allowed me to take a step back and disconnect from all the hype of separated colleges and decide what I wanted without the influence of alternate factors.

Once you did have your commitment in the bag, what was your mindset for the rest of the summer season?

Mindset for the rest of summer was simple; Do whatever it takes to help my team win and have fun along the way.

In being two years away from signing with Stanford, in what areas would you like to see your game most improve?

There are many things that I would like to see improve in my game, after all there is always something that someone is better at than you. Specifically, I would like to see my speed improve as I feel like that can really help take my game to the next level. As well as my speed, I would like to see my mental game improve. I feel like If I can understand the game better and understand myself as a player it can ultimately strengthen all my physical tools that much more.

What advice would you give a BPA 2023 teammate getting ready to go through the recruiting process?

Enjoy the process, it is something that you only get to experience once. Take your time and make sure that whatever school you decide on is the perfect fit for you.

If you had 15 seconds to sell me on Stanford, what are you telling me?

Stanford in my opinion is the best university in the county. The coaching staff there is not only one of the best in the country but is made up of great humans who care about their players. Besides, who would not want to call themselves a Stanford Tree.