Another BPA standout is heading to a big time program in a big time conference. Class of 2020 right-hander Joey Schott is the latest BPA player to announce where he will attend college and play baseball at at the next level. Hear from the St. Francis hurler on why the Bears, how BPA has helped ready him and more.

In five words, describe what it feels like to say Joey Schott, Baylor-commit.

What I have worked for.

Now, in more than five words, describe the moment or thoughts behind ultimately deciding Baylor was the right fit for you.

After taking my visit at Baylor, I knew it was the place for me.

First of all, playing under Coach Rodriguez and having a pitching coach as respected as Coach Strauss was a big deciding factor in my commitment. Baylor Ballpark and the facilities in general are unreal. The players that were there when I visited treated me like family. Academically, the support that an athlete is given at Baylor is something that will really help me. All of this and being a top twenty five program made Baylor the right place for me.

You’re set to sign with a program that has appeared in three straight NCAA Regionals, what has BPA done to prepare you to join a team that has high expectations, year after year?

Playing under Jared Sandler in the biggest stages across the country has helped me to have the right mindset. The high intensity way that BPA plays the game has given me great looks on what it will be like to play at Baylor in the Big 12. There is nothing that could have prepared me better than playing with BPA has.

You’re also joining a program that is half-way across the country. Are there times you can look back at and speak to that will make making such a big change go smoothly?

I have traveled across the country to play baseball the last few summers during high school. I have always been a California kid, but traveling hasn’t really affected me. Through traveling to play baseball I have made great friends, especially my teammates from Mississippi. I love Texas and know that my past experiences will help the change go smoother.

With the commitment set, what are you looking forward to now, as you get ready to enter your senior season?

I’m looking forward to working hard to become a better player and gaining the muscle I need before I leave for Waco next summer. I’m ready to leave an even bigger statement my senior year.

Is there a particular area of your game you’re wanting to work on this upcoming fall season?

I am going to work on throwing harder and developing a fourth pitch that I can command.

What advice would you give a teammate getting ready to go through the recruiting process?

Trust the people around you and trust the process. You will not get anywhere playing for yourself. Your teammates will help you to get the exposure you need from the colleges you are interested, especially on BPA.

If you had 15 seconds to sell me on Baylor, what are you telling me?

Great people, great program, one of the best conferences, and Texas baseball. Pretty much all you need.