Current: Golden State. Future: Garden State.

BPA 2020 left-handed pitcher Aidan Kidd is set to head across the country following a commitment to the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Putting a premium on finding a program in a top conference, at a school that can put in a position for lifelong success, the southpaw from Laguna Beach takes us through his commitment, by sharing what stood out at NJIT, what has helped him get this far and what he wants to build upon before call the East Coast home.

In five words, describe what it feels like to say Aidan Kidd, NJIT-commit.

Excited to go and compete.

Now, in more than five words, describe the moment or thoughts behind determining NJIT was the right fit for you.

As soon as I stepped on campus and met the coaches, I knew that NJIT would be a good fit for me. Academically, I plan to major in data science which is perfect at a technological institute. Athletically, NJIT plays in the ASUN conference which contains big programs throughout the south. Also, the brand new facilities and field will be great.

You’re set to signing with a program that is all the way across the country, on the Atlantic Coast. Was leaving California a priority in your college search?

During my college search, I did not have a locational preference, as my priority was to find a program and school that was a good fit for me. Knowing that both academics and athletics are great on the East Coast I made sure to consider everything.

How has playing with BPA, and the coast-to-coast travel the program takes on, helped in providing a sense of comfort in being as removed from home as you will be?

Playing with BPA throughout the last few summers allowed me to see that there are many good college options outside of California. Everywhere we went, there were schools from across the country looking for people that can make an impact. Staying with teammates during different tournaments is great preparation for how college life will be.

As your travel and high school days enter the final turn, is there one moment or story you can look back on that has helped you be where you are today?

For me, playing in the WWBA tournaments out in Georgia were filled with good memories and success that helped me get to where I am now. Both of the times I went out there our team had great success which proved we are capable with competing with anyone we come up against. This success was an assurance that many of us will compete at the college level.

Is there an aspect of your game you feel you need to take a step forward before arriving in the Garden State next year?

Going into next year, I need to make sure my preparation is as good as it can be. Managing my time and staying on top of my tasks is going to be the most important aspect of playing at the college level. With long days of school, practice, lifting, and studying I need to ensure that I don’t fall behind.

What advice would you give a teammate getting ready to go through the recruiting process?

Use your resources and never stop working. Jared is the best in the business and he will always answer any questions you have about college baseball. Also, always play to the best of your ability because you never know when someone is watching.

If you had 15 seconds to sell someone on NJIT, what are you telling them?

Great young coaching staff with brand new facilities and a change of scenery on and off the baseball field.