Although it’s the first spotlight of the new year, it’s has a familiar feeling. Picking up where teammate Troy McCain left off, the spotlight is on another future Cal Poly Mustang, classmate Aaron Rettew. Over a summer which saw BPA earn a top ten national ranking, Rettew was a part of a dominant pitching staff that did not allow a run during the six games of pool play at Perfect Game’s WWBA National Championship. Playing on the big stage and exceeding is becoming routine to Rettew, a habit he hopes to carry to SLO where BPA is making an impact on the Big West Conference.

In five words, describe what it feels like to say Aaron Rettew, Cal Poly-commit.

The hard work pays off.

Now, in more than five words, describe the moment or thoughts behind determining Cal Poly was the right fit for you.

I remember talking with my mom about all the different aspects of Cal Poly that I admired, from its location, academics, athletics, and overall college experience there. The more I talked about it the more I realized how well I would fit in and excel there.

Do you recall the first time Coach Lee and staff indicated their interest in you?

The first time I went to Cal Poly for a camp with BPA, Coach Lee walked out to where I was in center field and talked to me about my athletic and academic aspirations. I had pitched the previous inning and Coach Lee took an interest in my curveball.

Looking back, what do you think ultimately sold Coach Lee on you being a good fit for the program?

I believe my attitude towards both athletics and academics was a big part of determining how well I would fit into the program.

You’re set to join a program that has a BPA pipeline, and your classmate Troy McCain committed to Cal Poly this summer, too. Did the familiarity with future teammates and seeing how many players have headed to SLO impact your recruitment?

Looking at the competitiveness, work ethic, and dedication that Troy and all of the BPA players who have gone to Cal Poly exemplify had a huge impact during my recruitment. I knew that was the caliber of player that I wanted to call my teammates.

What can you point to where you know BPA helped your recruiting process?

BPA has always given players a great opportunity for exposure by coordinating camps at schools all across the country. It was actually at a BPA camp at Cal Poly where I first was introduced to Coach Lee. After that, Coach Jared was an unbelievable help in navigating what future I saw for myself and what college would be the best fit for that future.

It’s been a challenging year for many. How has BPA helped you on and off the field in navigating so much throughout a period of uncertainty?

The entire BPA organization has done more for me and my family than I could ever hope to repay. While some things I feel are too personal to share I will say this: teammates and coaches alike have made sure never to give up on me, and they made sure I never gave up on myself.

You pitched very well this fall, putting together a dominant outing in the Wilson Premier Classic. Looking back, is there anything in particular that you would say has helped elevate your game?

Pitching is just as tough mentally as it is physically. Coach Jared has worked extensively on making us tougher players, and he always recognized my mental toughness as a definitive weakness. Over the years, he has worked with me to overcome this, both on and off the field.

As the calendar turns to 2021, you’re not too far away from one last summer with BPA. What do you want to accomplish in your final year wearing the Black and Gold?

As a team, I would want to see us ranked as the #1 team and be the most competitive players on and off the field. As an individual, I am striving to join the 90-MPH club and fulfill my dad’s dream of pitching a perfect game.

If you had 15 seconds to sell me on Cal Poly, what are you telling me?

I have met countless people who have all gone there, some who played baseball, some who didn’t, some who are currently enrolled, and some past retirement. They have all said going there was one of the greatest experiences of their life.