BPA traveled to six schools over three weekends in January.

For the fifth year in a row, BPA used the month of January to visit colleges throughout the region. Going on the road allows players to showcase their abilities during a time when college coaches can’t come to them, as well as take in the academic and athletic environments of several schools. With an emphasis on maximizing the recruiting calendar and being aware of changes to it for the 2019-2020 academic year, BPA jumped on the opportunity to extend the length and reach of the tour. It’s a commitment to not only advancing players to the next level, but the right fit at the next level. BPA founder Jared Sandler expresses how important it is that players are exposed to an array of settings so they can know what is best for them.

“There’s not one right school for everybody,” Sandler said. “We like to make sure we have different options for different players. We just try to play it smart. The weather is really good this time of year in Arizona and Southern Cal, so it makes a lot of sense to go to those places.”

The places BPA traveled to this January included six schools across four Division I athletic conferences.

On Jan. 12, the tour kicked off at San Diego State of the Mountain West. The following weekend, BPA visiting the Big West’s University of California-Irvine, on Jan. 18, two days before taking the field at Jackie Robinson Stadium, at UCLA of the Pac 12.

“This is probably the fifth year in a row, we’ve played at UCLA on MLK weekend, which is a really good tradition for us, they’re obviously a powerhouse close to home,” Sandler said. “San Diego State, a couple of years in a row we’ve visited it in January.”

This January marked the fourth year BPA has included schools in Arizona as part of their winter tour. But instead of it being a two-school weekend, BPA added a school, visiting Grand Canyon University on Jan. 24.

“We added Grand Canyon, Coach Stankiewicz has those guys on an uptrend, they’ve been really successful. It was an awesome addition,” Sandler said of the Western Athletic Conference program.

“Every year we try to add a few places, a few new places, and keep going back to the places we feel are really thriving and Grand Canyon is definitely one we hope to make a staple on the Arizona trip.”

The weekend in Arizona continued with a stop in Tempe at Arizona State, before concluding the tour at Pac 12 rival Arizona in Tucson. The mix of conferences and schools BPA visited, programs of various pedigree, size and stature, is intentional as Sandler says he wants to ensure the organization is positioned to be a springboard for players to enter settings that allows their careers to be extended as long as possible.

“We got Mountain West, WAC, Big West, and PAC 12 obviously. I think the players that play in our program are trying to further their careers as long as possible. Part of becoming a better player and furthering your career is being on the field. You have to find the right fit where there’s opportunity to play.”

As players prepare for their high school season, Sandler was proud of what transpired over the hundreds of miles on the road, the ability to interact with staffs, the sights and sounds of a half-dozen campuses players were able to take in.

“I thought it was really good. I think it was a really productive three weeks.”