Baseball Performance Academy

BPA was founded to bring professional, individualized and relationship-centered instruction to all players, regardless of skill level, that have a desire to play the game beyond a recreational level. Our purpose is to ensure players learn to play the game the right way and compete at the highest level. We aspire to positively influence a player’s next-level opportunity by providing them with the knowledge and skills required to play the game to the maximum of their potential and pair it with the understanding of finding the right fit.

Seeing someone miss an opportunity in their life, especially when its something they have so much passion and desire to be great at, in our eyes, is a travesty. Preventing this from happening to our players, and continuing to push of program alumni, beyond  where they ever could of dreamed of playing is why we do what we do.

The BPA Way

Through high-paced and intense practices, we focus on the physical and mental details of the game, with an emphasis on accountability. Optimal learning environments occurs when one is placed out of their comfort zone, and operating at the edge of their ability. Our highest priority is to at all times create an environment of care, transparency and concentrated discomfort, to make sure a player has the opportunity to maximize their potential. We believe a coach’s duty is to prepare their players to not only be successful at their current level, but advance them to the next level in a way for them to thrive. We must develop genuine relationships, so we may be an ongoing resource as our players move through their playing career, and excel beyond high school.

BPA Staff

BPA is composed of instructors with extensive playing experience, providing our players with first-hand knowledge of what it takes to compete at the highest level, as well as access to coaches and scouts throughout the country. Every coach or instructor has previously played collegiate baseball at the Division I level, prior to playing professional baseball. BPA coaches puts players in a position to develop in a manner that allows them to fulfill their potential, for success on and off the field.

Jared Sandler

The founder of BPA, Sandler oversees coordination of all BPA activities, while spearheading the training and development curriculum for BPA players. Sandler utilizes a national network to facilitate exposure and next-level opportunities for BPA players.

After starting his collegiate career at Glendale Jr. College, Sandler, a left-handed pitcher was instrumental in San Jose State’s first College World Series appearance in 2000. Sandler played professionally for the San Angelo Colts, before founding BPA in 2008.

Craig Grebeck

A 12-year Major League Baseball veteran, Grebeck brings unparalleled insight to BPA players. A former middle infielder, Grebeck helps BPA continually play at a high level, thanks to developing players with a high baseball IQ and situational understanding.

Greg Posiden

Posein brings nearly two decades of teaching to Baseball Performance Academy. Prior to BPA, Posein founded and directed Southern California’s RIP Baseball.  An associate scout for the San Diego Padres, Posein possesses a keen eye, utilizing his evaluation skill to assess a player’s potential and individualize instructions to maximize their plate potential.

Jarred Zill

Starred at Capistrano Valley High before heading up state to play collegiality at Cal Poly. Pitching 179 innings over 45 appearances, Zill had four seasons of pitching to a 3.50 ERA or lower while making at least five starts. Earning Cal Poly’s Mike Krukow Outstanding Pitcher honor in 2016, Zill finished his collegiate career with 10 wins and 166 strikeouts.